Money – A Solution or A Problem? 

A solution you think it is to your problems,

Try & have a look at the family that blossoms. 

You think they’re fortunate, 

Thinking that way makes you nothing but obstinate. 

You think they’re joyful, 

But you don’t know how they’re surrounded by people woeful. 

They’ve everything is what you think, 

But that’s something which can anytime sink. 

In their lives what can go wrong is not a thing, 

Wherever they go they’re treated like a king. 

A certain amount which means to you nothing, 

For you may not know but to few it certainly means everything. 

The truth is what remains unknown, 

You’ll try to ignore but I’m telling you, don’t. 

You think it’ll make your troubles fade away, 

Even if it does, your troubles will find yet another way. 

Learning to be happy now under given circumstances is what you can do, 

For you may not know when you’d have to bid it adieu. 

Living in a World of Judgements. 

Why don’t you ever go to a party? 

They force me to feel it’s like my duty. 

Why don’t you like clicking pictures? 

You all are just another bunch of boring creatures. 

Why don’t you talk more often? 

You’re certainly someone not so awesome.

Why don’t you come with us for shopping? 

Oh! I know you’re the one so unstimulating. 

I live in a world of judgemental people, 

A world where nobody’s treated equal. 

Walking along the street,

Hoping to be ignored, 

Smiling makes me sweet, 

She’s not someone meant to be adored.

I sit and think, 

Why a girlish colour is pink? 

I wonder and wander, 

Why am I stared for so longer? 

Here’s to hoping someday when I step out, 

I wouldn’t see faces full of doubt, 

I wouldn’t be judged for wearing a purple jeans, 

I wouldn’t be told to apply all those fairness creams. 

I wouldn’t be reviewed, 

Neither for my aptitude, nor for my love towards solitude. 

A jealous soul, knows no goal. 

A term so familiar seems so strange, 

A term so harmful which has no range. 

It starts from at least you’ve this, 

And goes on till my life’s no bliss.

Comparison – an element so strong, 

Makes us feel everything’s so wrong. 

A disease so infectious, 

Forces us to loose all what’s precious. 

The moments that we can make the best of, 

The memories we’re unable to weave because of insecurity, 

Everything seems so messed up, 

Wherever I go, whosoever I talk to, there seems to be no rarity. 

For it doesn’t matter how many desires of yours are fulfilled, 

Your heart is never ready to be thrilled. 

Living in a bubble, you think your life’s adventurous, 

But you never know how who might turn out to be treacherous. 

Jealousy is all what I’m talking about, 

Envying all the time destroys your life, there’s no doubt. 

Being an Introvert. 

​Remember the days when you sit all alone, 

Your identity remains yet unknown. 

You’re so rude, 

How peculiar is your mood? 

You’re so formal, 

Why do you seem abnormal? 

You’re so boring, 

What’s the use of communicating? 

They’re ready to judge, 

To hold a grudge. 

Easy it may seem, 

But that’s obviously a dream. 

The struggle to speak,

Makes me antique. 

Solitude is what you enjoy, 

There’s nothing else one could destroy. 

I’m an introvert, 

An introvert who’s an observant, 

An introvert who’s reserved, 

An introvert who’s making efforts to convert. 

Here’s to hoping what I write,

Changes your views tonight. 🙂 

The problem lies in YOU. 

​70 years of Independence it’s been, but often I wonder how far we’re successful in gaining Independence……

Scared we’re to step out of our houses, 

Ignorance is our answer to the abuses. 

The whistles on the streets make my heart beat faster, 

The shadows chasing me force me to feel I’m no more a fighter. 

My body is like a showpiece for them, 

Their stares are all what I’m waiting to come.

The way I dress, I deserve to fall. 

The society says, I deserve it all. 

Walking along the streets is my mistake,

Stepping out of my house is my mistake, 

Dressing the way I want to is my mistake, 

I shouldn’t do what I want to all for your sake. 

It’s time to face the harsh reality, 

It’s all our actions that have lead to the rise of inhumanity. 

It’s time for us to become familiar with the difference between right and wrong 

It’s time for us to abandon ourselves from following the path of hypocrisy. 

It’s time to be the change, 

Doesn’t matter if it’s not in your range. 

For years, you were on the wrong side, 

But today let me make you clear about the right side. 

Don’t teach your daughters how to dress, 

Tell your sons they’re a mess. 

Don’t tell her not to go out, 

Tell him to backout. 

Because that’s the solution to this problem, 

Let the girls blossom. 

Doing whatever it takes.

Wherever she went, she found herself lost,

She wasn’t aware what could it cost. 

She tried to fit in, 

But that’s not a life she should be living. 

Surrounded by people who wanted her to do what she didn’t, 

But all they claimed was you’d be forbidden. 

She tried, and tried but couldn’t succeed, 

She realized she was being misled. 

Broken, confused and depressed, 

She now knew what was best. 

Abandoning all the people, 

She went to search the path that was real. 

Perceiving her capabilities and talents, 

She now became familiar with the term Accomplishments. 

She didn’t try to fit in anymore, 

She decided to explore & explore.

Her dreams were now a reality, 

Life was no more how it used to be. 

She was YOU. 

You could be her.

A clarity of vision is what it all demands, 

For your dreams to know no bounds. 

My New love. ❤

Three days it’s been, 

And I already have another reason to smile, 

Although it has just started to begin,

Blogging has made every moment of mine worthwhile. 

A platform where I can express my opinions, 

A platform that can change my conditions. 

Reading, Writing, Liking, Following,

That’s what I love doing. 

For Every morning when the sky is blue, 

I open WordPress & check what’s new. 

For every night I go to bed, 

I wonder what’s gonna be ahead. 

It gives me peace & happiness,

It’s what helps me get rid of loneliness. 

I’m grateful to announce what I’m passionate about, 

To which there seems to be no doubt. 

A Journey so Difficult, Yet remains Invisible 

Thought I was taught everyone is equal, 

But here I see them performing another ritual. 

As a child I believed what they said, 

In my class that’s what I read. 

I grew up & realized they made me a fool, 

They don’t follow what they refer to as “Rule”?

Reservation for disability seemed so great, 

Reservation for SC, ST, that’s what I hate. 

A cutoff so low for belonging to a certain caste, 

How could everything change so fast? 

They scored less than me & got into the college of my dreams, 

I don’t understand how appropriate it seems. 

This is the rule – We all are following, 

Every college I step into that’s what they would be offering. 

A friend of mine scores less than me, 

But guess what she gets college better than me. 

“I’m unlucky” they forced me to say, 

A price too high I’d have to pay. 

They made me weep, weep so hard, 

With all my hopes marred. 

The reality it was I had to accept, 

In a world full of hypocrisy what else can I expect? 

Behind the scenes of our Education system 

Read Remember Write and Forget.

But in return what do I get? 

Marks is the answer to your question, 
The question which doesn’t seem to have any other solution. 

A mistake is what everybody makes, 
But you wouldn’t get a chance to give more takes.

Our education system consitutes of all this, 
Through which I try & try but see no bliss. 

Completing notebooks, boring assignments & so called projects, 
How am I supposed to handle a life so complex? 

A memorization technique based on technique is what is callled Rote learning, 
That’s what’s considered the basis of deserving & undeserving. 

I wish I could learn to be more practical, 
But never was I taught the meaning of pragmatical. 

Experiences is what my personality demands, 

But here comes the education system to destroy all my plans. 

Board exams is a concept I don’t understand, 

A person who knows nothing about me has a chance to decide in which college I’d land? 

Read, Remember, Write but wait wait wait don’t forget, 

Because that’s the reality you know I bet. 

Stolen Childhood and Shattered Dreams. 

There she was,

An ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams.
Precious was her smile,

Beautiful was her heart.

Walking along the street,

returning home from school.

Clueless yet curious, tired yet smiling. 

Evil approached her, snatched her school bag

Stole her & sold her at a despicable price.

She lost her soul.

She was under their control.

She cried in pain but couldn’t be heard. 

Shattered, broken, abused & discarded.

She didn’t know what to do. 

Was she a victim or a survivor?

Thousands of children missing,

Inhuman child traffickers rising. 

Each day innocent victims hope for a ray of sunshine,

But the rate of existence of humanity declines.